Holistic? Why Me?

My name is Lauren Johnson and I have always suffered with chronic eczema. Aside from this I have had a myriad of image issues brought on by a move to a different town, my race,  college weight gain and the constant reminder of not being the “norm”. All these things which forced me to find a way to fit in. I spent years hating the very image I stared at in the mirror  which left me often avoiding pictures, mirrors and dating people for fear of rejection. At some point I learned that this was all my fault, I was my biggest critic.

I decided after not being fulfilled with life to do a 60 day juice fast ; which I learned about against my will, and  found the person I had lost those many years ago. Thoughts became clearer and my life’s intention surfaced. I looked forward with no intention of returning to the darkness I had felt for so long. I decided to go back to school and obtain certification in health coaching so I can help people who felt like me. The journey I am on at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition is one I feel is a gift in disguise.I changed my whole life through health and wellness and want to share my passion with the world!

Often forgotten, I speak to the youth who are often so busy at this point trying to figure out who they are that they don’t realize the person right in front of them. I do things on my own terms and though not your typical health/wellness advocate I have a message thats resounds louder than any naysayer.

I live holistically because above all it is truly who I am.


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